About Us

Weird Sister TV is a grassroots multimedia production company founded by UC Santa Cruz graduate Rebecca Pierce. We focus on alternative storytelling using video, audio, and photography, and strive to put a spotlight on voices commonly left out of popular media.

Rebecca Pierce

Rebecca Pierce is an independent journalist and filmmaker based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She’s written, directed, produced, and contributed to dozens of short films on a variety of topics, with a focus on social justice and the arts. She’s also worked on a number of multimedia projects including investigative journalism, professional videography, web design, and travel photography in East Africa and the Middle East.

A recent alumna of the University of California Santa Cruz, Rebecca majored in Film and Digital Media, graduating from the program’s competitive Production Concentration. During her time at UCSC Rebecca was Head Director for Rainbow TV, the film department of UCSC’s nationally renowned Rainbow Theatre (the only multicultural theatre troupe in the UC system). She was also an active participant in student organizing around human rights, diversity, and free speech issues. In her free time she’s an aspiring screen and playwright, with a passion for hard-hitting speculative fiction.